2020 we


Create the future of fragrance with us.

Fragrance will
never be the same

Welcome from Jerry Vittoria,
President of Firmenich fine fragrance

Firmenich is the world leader in
fine fragrance. While we embrace our 125-year legacy, we are removing the constraints of the past to create a dialogue of transformation.

Under our new manifesto of REGENERATION, we press reset and push renew—declaring a new way forward. We will arm our clients with the information necessary to win tomorrow. We will share fragrances that spark new emotions, fuel new desires and capture imaginations. We will co-design with tomorrow in mind—sustainably, positively and powerfully.


Fine Fragrance Programs

Mind Nose + Matter

Annual examination of global socio-cultural trends translated into fragrances to transform human emotions.

The 2020 Mind Nose + Matter, entitled RE|GENERATION, will diagnose what ails us as individuals and as a species. It will prescribe how scent can “heal” us and help us “grow” to a better state of being and becoming.

Olfactive Design

The new edition of Olfactive Design is collaborating with world-renowned arts and design college Central Saint Martins, London.

Narrative Environments and Material Futures students will radically redesign fragrance experiences and solutions for tomorrow’s world—utilizing Firmenich Research & Development, as well as Ingredients and Sustainability programs.

In partnership with Firmenich Perfumers, students will take us on an olfactive journey opening new dimensions of culture and changing perceptions of art.

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